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The Best Company Clothing Ideas for Customer Appreciation

***All pricing in this article is based off our early 2021 price list

Looking for swag ideas that your customers will actually wear?

Here are our top picks for company clothing items to hand out to your best customers.

Examples of custom clothing we've made for customers across Canada

Custom Logoed Jacket
Custom Logoed Workwear
Custom Logoed Safety Vest

Ever wonder what happened to that stress ball or pen that one of your suppliers gave you? Yeah we stopped wondering as well: gone and forgotten into the Bermuda Triangle of trinkets and trash that we all accumulate along the way. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, make heads turn, and impress your customers and employees with something that they won't forget in 30 seconds, then make your next event special with some branded corporate apparel.

Great looking branded apparel helps identify your staff as part of your team and also makes them recognizable to your customers. Whether you want to say thanks to your customers, are looking for that unique golf tournament giveaway, or are bringing your team together for a conference or trade show, corporate apparel from SwagandSafetyMadeEasy.com has you covered . Whatever your budget or timeline we can help find that special something that will make any event memorable.

Customer Appreciation Gift Ideas

You work with them, you might occasionally argue with them, they drive you crazy at times, but at the end of the day a business without customers and clients is probably headed for the dust bin real fast. It's just good business to say thanks to the people that pay your bills and keep you and your team going. Not only are you saying thanks, you are getting your brand out there for future customers to see as well as reminding your past customers to check in next time they need something.

You don't have to break the bank to create some branded apparel that will wow your customers and get your brand out there for years to come. Here are a couple of our favourite items that will tell your customers that they are appreciated and special to you and your team.

1. Premium Caps

Custom Embroidered Hats

Custom embroidered premium caps (and a visor) for a customer of ours

Yeah we all have them but I bet you have just one or two favs that are your go to lids. The crew at SwagandSafetyMadeEasy.com can help you design that awesome looking cap that your customers will wear with pride.

Our Premium Cap assortment has all the bases covered and is available in a vast array of styles and colours. Once you have your cap selected we can then embroider your company logo to create that distinct one of a kind look won't be forgotten. In quantities of 50-99 caps we can get the job done for as low as $19 per cap. Take a quick peak below at our Premium Cap lineup.

Different styles of premium caps:

2. Patterned Dry Fit Polo Shirts

Patterned Dryfit Polos

4 in-stock patterned polos we carry (each comes in 1-4 different colours). Order 50 or more shirts and you can create your own pattern!

OK we all have a few polos kicking around the closet but these extremely lightweight dry fit polos will stand out from the rest of the herd. With 11 colours to choose from and 4 different patterns available you're sure to find the one that will be the perfect fit to bring your corporate brand to life. Wow your customers to the point they rock your logo more often at the golf course!

We can decorate these beauties with either embroidery, colour print or a full colour transfer for as low as $32 per polo when ordering 50-99 shirts.

Don't see a pattern you like? We can do custom printed patterns from scratch with a minimum order of 50 shirts. This option hasn't made it on our website yet, but you can see page 18 of our PDF catalog for more details.


Performance Zip Sweater

Our performance zip sweater from Canada Sportswear.

So you want to up the game a little and make a lasting impression with your customer base, look no further than this full zip performance sweater.

Available in 4 colours this 100% knitted fleece midweight sweater will be something your customers will wear with pride for years to come. It's easy to see why this sweater is one of our STAFF PICKS, this sporty, modern sweater with 3 zippered pockets is available in mens Small to 4XL and ladies X-Small to 2XL and is built to last.

Our Performance Zip Sweater can be embroidered or colour printed for as low as $54 per sweater when ordering 50-99 sweaters.


These are just a few of our favorites that will make your customers feel special and valued and won't break the vault at the same time. Let the team at SwagandSafetyMadeEasy.com help you create that lasting impression.

Do you find the catalog format easier than a website? Download PDF versions of our catalogs or email orders@swagandsafetymadeeasy.com to have us mail you a copy!

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Top 5 To-Do's Before Ordering Company Clothing

We've been in the custom apparel game since 2015. Here are a few things we've learned to help make your next company clothing order go smoothly!

Examples of custom clothing we've made for customers across Canada

Custom Logoed Jacket
Custom Logoed Workwear
Custom Logoed Safety Vest

Often when we think of purchasing general apparel for our company, it’s generally the last thing on a long list of to-do items. We find that no one specifically has the job to source apparel for your business: sometimes it's someone in marketing/communications, sometimes it's HR, sometimes it's an EA, sometimes it's the big boss themselves, and many times it's whoever drew the short straw. Inevitably, someone gets told, “Hey, we need some new apparel and we need it now”.

Too frequently once it does get addressed, we get told something along the lines of, “We need sweaters and we need them yesterday”. This sets you up to scramble at the last minute putting something together, and not being able to find what you are really looking for.

We're in the business of making everyone's life easy when it comes to ordering logoed clothing for your business, so we thought we'd put together this handy checklist.

Company Clothing Order Checklist

  1. Get a brand guide together
  2. Have a vectored logo
  3. Pick your apparel items
  4. Pick your garment colours
  5. Collect your quantities and sizing

1. Get a brand guide together

The SwagandSafetyMadeEasy.com brand guidelines, as an example. Click to expand.

This includes a few different components, but it’s the best way to be prepared for when you are ready to place your order. Having a brand guide can often shave a week off your timeline because it means we don’t have to vector your logo and we know exactly what colours to use.

If you have a marketing department you should check with them: they may already have a brand guide! You can work with a marketer to create a brand guide (if you don’t have one), or use a template to create your own. Hubspot has a great article here on how to build one.

Take a look at our own brand guide as an example. We'd call this moderately detailed: it outlines the logo in 3 formats, the colour codes, and standard fonts. Some brand guidelines are dozens of pages long outlining all of the ways a logo may and may not be manipulated in different contexts.

Purposes of a brand guide:

  • Consistency: all of your swag will look consistent from order-to-order, as well as look identical to your website, vehicles, invoices, and anything else carrying your branding.
  • Efficiency: don't remake your decisions repeatedly. Don't waste time and energy deciding on logo colours, finding your logo files, etc. when you can do the work once, keep it in a safe place, and hand it to us when you're ready to order clothing for your company.

Typical components of a brand guide:

  • Pantones - these are the specific colour codes we need to create your colours
  • Vectored files - this is a specific format your logo is in that can be used with general apparel
  • Fonts - the specific fonts you use in your logo
  • Reverted logo - your guidelines for your logo on both light and dark garments

2. Have a vectored logo

This video will give you a brief primer on what a vector logo is and why it's important for us when making custom clothing with your company logo

If you don’t have a brand guideline, it’s good to at least have a vectored logo ready. This specific format is required in order to print your logo on garments and can only be done by a graphic designer.

It essentially lets us and our production team edit, scale, and pull apart your logo for printing so it’s required for any general apparel. As mentioned this can save you about a week because it means your logo is already good to print and we don’t have to worry about going back and forth with you to make sure the logo is right.

If you don’t have a vectored logo yet, we do offer it for free as part of your apparel order, but I would suggest starting your order early then so you have it when you really need it.

The good news: if you order with us we keep everything on-file so that we have your vector logo handy next time you are ready to place an order.

3. Pick your apparel items

Company Clothing Examples

Just a handful of examples of the types of clothing you can apply your company logo to.

Picking the right apparel is super crucial to ensuring your brand comes across how you need it to.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are these for employees or clients?
  • If for employees, is it something to wear daily or a nice gift?
  • Is the recipient of this clothing going to be physically active in this item (e.g. moving boxes in a warehouse) or relatively casual (e.g. sales team member)?
  • What clothing is relevant this season?

We've organized clothing into 3 sections on our website which will give you live quotes:

Do you find the catalog format easier than a website? Download PDF versions of our catalogs or email orders@swagandsafetymadeeasy.com to have us mail you a copy!

4. Pick your garment colours

If you need to purchase a large order of apparel, it might be good to pick products with the same shades, especially if you like garments that aren’t just white or black. Some of our more basic options use the same colour (and have lots of colour options) so you can match a bit better across your team.

I have below some basic apparel that have colour options in the same shades, with their costs as 12 - 24 units.*

*Based on early 2021 pricing

5. Collect your quantities sizing

This tends to be the most tedious process, because either you have to decide what size would be best for each person, or you have to collect all that information from each person.

What we recommend is that if you are collecting that information for each person, make sure to start early. You can use the Google T-Shirt Collection Survey here for reference. Before you start, just make sure to click the three dots in the right hand corner, and MAKE A COPY. This copy is accessible to anyone, so your answers will likely get overwritten. Creating a copy means you have a personal one just for you.

Doing this advance will save you, as it can often take a month to fully collect sizes if you don't feel like simply assigning them. We have a sizing guide here you can attach to the google form. Don’t forget to order a few extra garments in additional sizes for any new hires, those that get the wrong size, or if anyone doesn’t fill out the form.

Also important to consider: do staff need more than one of something? For example, if it's a t-shirt or polo they're expected to wear daily they'll probably appreciate 3-5 of them each.


We can help walk you through this process, as we want to make your apparel order as easy as possible. Taking these steps with us now (or in advance) will make your garment process headache free, and ensure we can put your order right into production without too much back and forth. The quicker you get your order in, the quicker you get your garments.

Have questions or want to get started? Email orders@swagandsafetymadeeasy.com.

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